Only the finest human-grade Australian ingredients

Big Dog RAW Food diets are scientifically formulated to offer essential balanced nutrition based on the evolutionary diet that dogs and cats have thrived on for hundreds of thousands of years. Our food contains the finest human- grade Australian ingredients consisting of fresh select meats, along with crushed meaty bones, offal, fruits, vegetables and other unique health promoting raw products.


Want a success story?

  • My boy Parker has had shocking health issues. The vets thought he had Cushings disease.After testing they said he did not, but could not tell me why he was losing hair, was pot-bellied and couldn’t hold his wee. He had really bad arthritis. And we thought about putting him to sleep. A friend suggested Big Dog maybe 6 month ago now and the change in our little guy is amazing. His hair grew back, he stopped sucking up water like he was dying of thirst, he doesn’t pee as often and his arthritis has improved about 50%. It has even stopped the thick, smelly tear staining. Parker is 14 now and I know for the time he has left, he will only be eating this. I just wish I had found it sooner. I feel it really saved Parker's life. He really is a changed dog.


  • I have been a natural and raw feeder for way longer than I can count now and I was forced into it without choice by my big black German Shepherd dog Bear, he is allergic to the whole world as far as I’m concerned. In the end the one thing that got his symptoms stable and under control was feeding him Big Dog patties. Nothing artificial goes near him now and for two years he has not had one allergy (hotspot) attack. I was so impressed with the diet and relieved that I became a stockist of the products as I practice what I preach to clients (as a dog trainer) and it’s great to be able to supply people with a proven quality product and see the changes in their own dogs skin, behaviour, coat… the full package, and quickly. Thank you Big Dog! You rule.


  • Today I took my 6 year old German Shepherd, Princess into the heart of the city and I got a little emotional as so many people took the time out of their day to say hello to her. Many were surprised to hear she will be 6 in a few months - they all thought she was much, much younger and all commented on how great of a condition she is in. The only thing I can truly put this down to is the Big Dog raw food she gets for every meal and loves. So from the bottom of my heart thank you for making such amazing, species appropriate food and helping me provide my dogs with the best life possible.


  • We have been feeding Loki Big Dog for almost 12 months now and we have never looked back! Loki has a few allergies and we went through a lot of different brands before finding Big Dog on the recommendation of a friend. The single protein meals make it even easier to avoid his trigger foods. Loki has never turned his nose up at a Big Dog meal, so they must be tasty and the peace of mind it gives me knowing he is getting a complete and healthy diet every day means that we can not recommend them highly enough!


  • Storm is 2 years old and has quite a sensitive tummy and seems to be allergic to grains and chicken. It took us a long time trying different foods to eliminate certain things from her diet. We were recommended Big Dog Pet Foods and haven’t looked back since we started!


  • Since changing from dry & processed food to Big Dog, our two dogs have been given fantastic health reports from the vet. Chelsea (Australian Cattle Dog) now has a beautiful thick coat, shiny eyes & fantastic teeth. Max (American Staffordshire Terrier) was diagnosed with a kidney problem & his levels were under normal since he was 5mths old. Since changing in the last 12mths & since his last test, his levels have come back to a mid normal range. The vet could not believe how the levels improved in a dog of middle age. He wanted to know what I was feeding him & what was actually in the food. He also said his kidneys are obviously coping very well with the food & amount I am feeding him. I cannot stress to family & friends how good your products are. It just makes so much more sense than feeding them something that’s not natural. I am so glad we made the switch, as my dogs are a walking example of how changing to a raw diet actually improved their health.


  • I have a bone to pick with you Big Dog. Panda, my 7 year old wolfhound cross is acting like a puppy again. She has so much energy on the Big Dog patties, she's kind of annoying!! She's always been on a raw food home made diet, and I always thought I was being careful to give her everything she needed, including offal and veggies. But obviously something was lacking because she hasn't been this exuberant for a couple of years. Is it the wheatgrass??? Tell me the secret - I want to have what she's having!


  • After a lot of searching for a quality raw food product I discovered the Big Dog range and I am very happy. Brando loves Big Dog patties...they keep him happy and healthy.


  • The food portions are just right, fresh, quick and easy to prepare and Amy has never looked healthier since switching to Big Dog Pet Foods.


  • Since starting Bodhi on Big Dog Raw Food, his coat has never looked so shiny. If it’s showing on the outside, we can only imagine the benefits he is receiving on the inside. The amount of times we have been complimented on how well he looks is quite astounding, closely followed by them asking what we feed him. We tried another brand prior to finding Big Dog, and let’s just say Bodhi wasn’t impressed. From the moment we put your food in front of him, Bodhi woofed it down immediately. We love how there is a variety to choose from and the fact that it is all conveniently packaged is just a bonus.


  • Being a Staffy, Jaeda had unresolved skin issues, but after starting her on Big Dog Pet Foods sensitive skin patties she is back to being a shiny, healthy, happy dog! No more patchy fur and scratching! The patties are so convenient and mess-free!


  • Odie has been eating Big Dog barf since he was a small puppy, and it has helped him grow into the healthy 50kg boy he is today. He loves the taste, and we love the convenience of feeding a balanced raw diet without the hassle of mixing and measuring it ourselves. Add some raw meaty bones for dental health, and he is good to go. I firmly believe that Big Dog has been fundamental in helping Odie to become a healthy, strong boy with a shiny coat and bright smile. We wouldn’t use anyone else.


  • Macie loves Big Dog pet foods. Mealtimes are much easier now. She's gone from a fussy eater to now polishing off everything in her bowl. I also have peace of mind knowing that it's safe and healthy for her. The benefits speak for themselves. Her coat and health are incredible.


  • In 2015 I started getting Big Dog Raw for my dogs on the recommendation from a friend. Within weeks I noticed big positive changes in my dogs from cleaner teeth to shinier coats, less bloating and more energy. I find it easy and convenient to feed and I am able to choose an appropriate diet from the range based on my dog’s individual needs.